Sunday, December 12, 2010

Reminders . . .

Pre-AP English I
  • Don't forget, the 1946 version of Great Expectations will be shown in room 154 after school Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
  • Victorian Friendship Cards are due NLT Dec. 16th--submit them earlier if you can
  • Surprise baggies must be in by Dec. 16th
  • Final Great Expectations test on Wednesday, Dec. 15th

Dual Credit English 1301

  • Argumentation-Persuasion essays are due NLT Dec. 17th. If you are going to be absent, submit your essay earlier.
  • Essays must be no less than 750 words on a subject of your choice, MLA format

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Assignments for the Week of Dec. 13 - 17, 2010

Pre-AP English I

  • Continue working on the research draft independently
  • Discuss chapters 40 - 59 of Great Expectations
  • Complete the Great Expectations stage 3 test (Wednesday)
  • Participate in a Victorian friendship card swap and cultural activity (Thursday and Friday)
  • Research papers due NLT January 6th

Dual Credit English 1301

  • Complete our overview of the Argumentation/Persuasion chapter (Longman pgs. 472 - 506)
  • Read, analyze, and discuss "Free-Speech Follies" (pg. 508), "In Praise of the 'F' Word" (pg. 515), and "Let's Tell the Story of All America's Cultures" (pg. 520). If time remains, we will also read and discuss "Driving to the Funeral" (pg. 532).
  • Argumentation/Persuasion essay due Dec. 17th (750 words, topic of choice, research suggested)

Have a wonderful, safe holiday break!

I look forward to seeing everyone next year!!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Assignments for Dec. 6 - 10, 2010

Pre-AP English I

  • Complete the works cited page for the Dickens research paper

  • Organize note cards and prepare an outline for the research paper

  • Begin writing the draft of the research paper

  • Complete our reading of Great Expectations (final novel test next week)

Dual Credit 1301

  • Read and discuss overview of definition essay (pgs. 430 - 441 in the Longman Reader)
  • Read, analyze, and discuss "Life As a Type A" (pgs. 449 - 454) and "Beyond the Pleasure Principle" (462 - 465)
  • Read and discuss the argumentation/persuasion overview (pgs. 472 - 506)
  • Review logical fallacies
  • Read, analyze, and respond to the student model (pgs. 496 - 502)