Sunday, November 27, 2011

Semester Exam Review -- Rough version

I'm working on the semester exam review. Part of it is complete, though it is still in the VERY rough stages. Check out its link on Mrs. T's A.C.T. page.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Poetry Extra Credit

The poetry extra credit assignment is posted. Click on the link to Mrs. T's A.C.T. Page (look to the top, left of this page).

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Facebook Page, Old One Deactivated

As it turns out, the second page created is not satisfactory for the school purposes because it requires students to be "friends." That page is now closed. If you wish, you may "Like" Mrs. T's English I Pre-AP/TAG Class page at!/pages/Mrs-Ts-English-I-Pre-APTAG-Class/148790255208772?sk=wall&filter=1 for assistance with classwork and group study. Again, if any inappropriate comments or pictures appear, the author will be blocked from the page. Use the page wisely.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Lessons for Nov. 14 - 18, 2011

Monday -
Students will finish analyzing "Dover Beach" and "The Tyger" and apply them to Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. If time allows, students will then discuss any "parking lot" questions they have about the novel.

Tuesday -
Students will complete the unit test for Fahrenheit 451.

Wednesday -
Students will practice TPCASTT, focusing on tone, in "The Bells."

Thursday -
Students will complete their analysis of "The Bells" and identify various poetic devices found in the poem.

Friday -
Students will attend a special Poe performance and drama lecture hosted by our theater classes.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Testing the Facebook Link

Okay, I've been working on this and took the suggestion made to change Blessing's page to a class page. I've tried, but I'm not sure whether it's correctly set-up or not. I need to test run this page and see if it works, so if you get a chance, find it at!/profile.php?id=100002819157949 and try to comment. I know of at least one student who's trying to work through the F451 questions right now; maybe some of your comments can help him.
Remember to keep your comments school appropriate and constructive. Any unacceptable comments will be cause to block you or close the page. Please make this a positive, constructive resource for all.
Thanks to all! Your biggest fan, Mrs. T

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lessons for Nov. 7 - 11, 2011

*Major test coming on Nov. 15th. READ, review, and study! This will cover the entire novel and all vocabulary from the novella.

Monday -
Students will review Part III vocabulary and begin the perspectives chart for major concepts in Fahrenheit 451. Students will complete the chart at home.

Tuesday -
Students will use the information from their charts to inform a class discussion about Bradbury's society and the theme of Fahrenheit 451. ***If the teacher is absent, students may be working on a different activity on this date, and the discussion will take place on Wednesday.

Wednesday -
Students will analyze "Dover Beach" and apply it to Fahrenheit 451. Why would Bradbury select this poem to include in the novel?

Thursday -
Students will read and analyze "The Tyger" and apply it to Montag's character. Why would Bradbury allude to this poem for the final section title of his book?

Friday -
Veteran's Day! No school. Study for the upcoming test on Nov. 15th.